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I was born in Hamburg the typical flat land city with an elevation of about 6 m above see level. Not the best place for mountaineering and climbing, but a wonderful city in all other aspects. With fourteen I started mountaineering in the Pyrenees at the C.M.N.V.A (Centre de Montagne Nantes Vallée d’Aure). During this time I also did some very basic rock climbing. At nineteen I moved to Munich, basically to start my studies in chemical engineering, but the main reason was for sure to be able to get to the mountains in less than one hour of driving. During that time, I also started with indoor sport climbing and later with bouldering. A couple of years later I did my first ski tours (backcountry skiing) in winter, and also slowly got more and more into winter mountaineering. Now I do all types of mountain disciplines: hicking, wild camping, mountain biking, high-altitude mountain tours, indoor and rock sport climbing, bouldering, trad climbing, multipitch climbing, ice climbing, mixed and dry, ski touring and combinations of all discplices. And, last but not least, right now I also start focusing on kayaking.

I mainly started to like photography in order to document in the most realistic way my mountaineering tours. The focus changed over the years to „real“ photography, where you not only try to document your trips, but you also try to catch the stunning moment in a creative and artistic way.

Rigth now I am working at BASF as engineer and researcher in the field of chemical reaction engineering. I finished my Ph.D. thesis in 2010 in the group of Prof. Lercher at the Technische Universität München (TUM). Prior to that, I wrote my Diploma thesis in the group of Prof. Schüth at the Max Planck Institute of Coal Research and got my degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in chemical engineering from the TUM in April 2007. I have always been keen on informatics and as administrator and software engineer, I am working for some companies in the computer industry or do my own projects.

My personal interests in science and engineering are in alphabetical order: automation, catalysis, combinatorial chemistry, materials chemistry, physical chemistry, simulation and modeling, soft computing (evolutionary computing and artificial intelligence).

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