List of my publications (by Google Scholar)

PhD thesis

Title: Transport in Nanoporous Solids (PDF)
Keywords: diffusion, zeolites, frequency response, MFI
Publications: Enhancement of Sorption Processes in the Zeolite H-ZSM5 by Postsynthetic Surface Modification Diffusion pathways of benzene, toluene and p-xylene in MFI

Diploma thesis (Diplomarbeit)

Title: High-Throughput Reactor Automatization and Multi-objective Optimization of deNOx Catalysts (PDF)
Keywords: high-throughput experimentation, automatization, HC-SCR, deNOx, Multi-objective optimization, PISA, SPEA2, NSGA-II, IBEA
Publications: Multi-objective optimization in combinatorial chemistry applied to the selective catalytic reduction of NO with C3H6On the suitability of different representations of solid catalysts for combinatorial library design by genetic algorithmsComparison of Single- And Multiobjective Design of Experiment in Combinatorial Chemistry for the Selective Dehydrogenation of Propane
Presentations: EuroCombiCat 2007, 22-25 April 2007, Bari, Italy (poster)Europacat VIII, 26-31 August 2007, Turku, Finland (poster)

Seminar theses (Semesterarbeiten)

Laboratory reports
SS2004: Darstellung und Charakterisierung fester Stoffe, Superharte Materialien