During Easter I went with two members of the alpine youth club
#jdavmannheim to Chamonix for a basic introduction to alpinism in Chamonix.

Our plan was to go up to the Refuge d’Argentière for two days to acclimatize and afterwards to go to the Cosmique Hut for some ice / ridge climbs.

On the first day, the weather was perfect in order to climb the route „le Gâteau du Riz“ near the hut. It is a very nice and not too hard classic alpine trad climb with bolted belays.

The second day the weather conditions were still good, however a strong south wind (the so called Föhn) started to increase. We managed to go up to the Col du Tour Noir, but the wind started to get quite strong and therefore we directly skied down back to the hut and then back to Argentière.

After having checked the weather forecast, we decided not to go up to the Cosmique, since not only the Föhn winds would increase, but also some precipitation coming from from the Italian was expected. We therefore played it save and went for some crag climb in the valley.